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Title: Dobrostan hedonistyczny i eudajmonistyczny w sytuacjach kryzysów normatywnych i nienormatywnych
Authors: Ilska, Michalina
Kołodziej-Zaleska, Anna
Keywords: dobrostan; perspektywa hedonistyczna i eudajmonistyczna; kryzysy normatywne i nienormatywne
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Zeszyty Naukowe Politechniki Śląskiej. Organizacja i Zarządzanie, Z. 123 (2018), s. 155-183
Abstract: The concept of well-being is very difficult to define because of its complexity. Many studies indicate that psychological well-being is a multidimensional phenomenon. At the same time, psychological well-being is treated as an indicator of the individual's adaptation to various critical or crisis life events (Ryff, 2014, 2017; Sieber et al., 2006). Integrated „conceptualizations” of well-being combine presence of hedonic and eudaimonic well-being components. The purpose of the article is to give an overview of selected theoretical concepts of well-being in both hedonic and eudaimonic perspectives and to present research results on well-being in groups of people experiencing various types of normative and non-normative crises. Comparisons of well-being was carried out in the following groups: expectant fathers (N = 46); marriages (N = 52) and cohabitants (N = 57); women with cancer (N = 66); parents of children with Down's syndrome (N = 127); women in pregnancies (N = 137); parents of rehabilitated children (N = 58); people after divorce (N = 158) and people in new close relationship after divorce (N = 80); In this study the Polish adaption of the Oxford Happiness Questionnaire (Hills, and Argyle, 2002) and the demographic data were used. OHQ-23 in Polish version has a two-factor structure comprising the life satisfaction and sense of power (factor 1) and the sense of purpose and control (factor 2).
ISSN: 1641-3466
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