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Title: “Bonum coniugum” : problem hermeneutyczny orzecznictwa kościelnego
Authors: Pastwa, Andrzej
Keywords: małżeństwo kanoniczne; istotne elementy małżeństwa; dobro małżonków; orzecznictwo Roty Rzymskiej
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Biuletyn Stowarzyszenia Kanonistów Polskich, Nr 31 (2018), s. 111-141
Abstract: In the study the author undertakes an attempt to answer the following question: what is the place in the legal structure of marriage – and what is essential, in relation to bona matrimonii: bonum prolis, bonum fidei, bonum sacramenti – of the newly defined significant element: (ordinatio ad) bonum coniugum? The presented research results in the form of a juxtaposition of paradigmatic depictions of the element of spouses’ good: (I) depictions that constitute – it seems – a closed chapter in history (the good of spouses exclusively in the “non-autonomous” configurations), (II) depictions that bode well for the future (the good of spouses in “autonomous” configurations) – remain, since they ha-ve to, an open proposal.
ISSN: 1731-1438
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