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Tytuł: Kształtowanie osobowości dyrygenta w aspekcie techniki i środków wyrazu artystycznego
Autor: Sutryk, Waldemar
Słowa kluczowe: Dyrygent; Techniki wyrazu artystycznego; Środki wyrazu artystycznego
Data wydania: 2009
Źródło: J. Uchyła-Zroski (red.), "Wartości w muzyce : wartości kształcące i kształtowane u studentów w toku edukacji szkoły wyższej. T. 2" (s. 106-110)
Abstrakt: The author of the article makes an attempt to define the elements essential in work with the trainees of conduction, as well as the music education and the subject of “conducting”. The essential predispositions can be divided into intellectual and manual ones. The former contains intellectual resources (general intelligence, emotional intelligence, stress resistance, optimism, the sense of one’s self-esteem, self-discipline, but above all, creative passion and a never-ending internal imperative of an artistic activity. On the other hand, these comprise inherent capabilities and learned skills, together with the knowledge of different fields of music, such as, for example score reading, instrumentation, forms, history, theory and aesthetics of music, harmony, counterpoint and voice emission). The latter are based on practice (also score reading, but also piano playing and, at best, a string instrument), but, above all, on manual predispositions, the easiness of expression through hands, mimics and eyes. A special position of a conductor needs to be emphasized. It is so because of the fact that he/she focuses all artistic activities and conducts the course of tensions during the performance, as well as the rehearsal of a given work. The last issue here is conductor’s work with people and dangers as well as... blessings connected with it.
ISBN: 9788322618288
Pojawia się w kolekcji:Książki/rozdziały (W.Art)

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