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Title: Natural radioactivity in granites and gneisses of the Opava Mountains (Poland) : a comparison between laboratory and in situ measurements
Authors: Dżaluk, Agnieszka
Malczewski, Dariusz
Żaba, Jerzy
Dziurowicz, Maria
Keywords: natural radioactivity; Opava; laboratory measurements; In situ measurements
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Journal of Radioanalytical and Nuclear Chemistry, Vol. 316, no 1 (2018), s. 101-109
Abstract: The natural radioactivities of five characteristic igneous rocks of the eastern foreland of the Opava Mountains (Eastern Sudetes, Poland), obtained in the laboratory and under in situ conditions, are presented. The activity concentrations of 232Th, 238U, and 40K were measured using an HPGe gamma-ray spectrometry system. The ranges of the activity concentrations of 232Th were 7–71 Bq kg-1 in the laboratory and 6–68 Bq kg-1 for the in situ measurements. For 238U, the ranges of the activity concentrations were 5–52 Bq kg-1 in the laboratory and 9–48 Bq kg-1 for the in situ measurements, and for 40K, the ranges were 520–1560 Bq kg-1 in the laboratory and 537–1700 Bq kg-1 for the in situ measurements. These determined activity concentrations were compared with the average activity concentrations of the radionuclides in similar types of rocks and with data from the Sudetes available in the literature. No significant differences were found between the in situ and laboratory measurements.
DOI: 10.1007/s10967-018-5726-3
ISSN: 0236-5731
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