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Title: The implications of the impact of the recreational use of forest mining ponds on benthic invertebrates with special emphasis on gastropods
Authors: Spyra, Aneta
Strzelec, Małgorzata
Keywords: Recreation; Benthos fauna; Snails; Anthropogenic ponds; Forest subsidence habitats
Issue Date: 21-Mar-2019
Citation: Biologia, 21 March 2019
Abstract: The relationships between the distribution and diversity patterns of benthic invertebrates in forest ponds used for different recreational activities were examined in this study. The study was based on sampling of benthic invertebrates, plant coverage, physical and chemical analysis of water samples and multivariate species analysis. Mining ponds varied in their solution chemistry and plant cover, with those used for recreation having significantly lower invertebrate occurrences (755 ind. m−2) compared to ponds with no recreational use (2629 ind. m−2). Statistically significant differences were also observed in the density of Oligochaeta, Hirudinea, Coleoptera, Trichoptera and Diptera between the two types of ponds. Overall, gastropods were more diverse and abundant in ponds not used for recreation. This appeared to relate strongly to plant cover, since cover was greatly reduced in recreational ponds, although plant diversity was enhanced. Density and diversity of benthic invertebrates was also observed to differ in relation to the kind of recreational use involved (recreational angling, swimming, power boating) although this was not quantified. The occurrence of freshwater snails primarily depended on the Ca concentration, the conductivity of the water and plant cover, but recreational disturbance appeared to reduce abundance where it occurred and was related to a reduction in overall plant cover.
DOI: 10.2478/s11756-019-00221-2
ISSN: 1336-9563
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