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Title: Edukacja zdrowotna na etapie wychowania przedszkolnego i edukacji wczesnoszkolnej : diagnoza i ewaluacja rozwiązań systemowych w województwie śląskim
Authors: Lamczyk, Dorota
Advisor: Borzucka-Sitkiewicz, Katarzyna
Keywords: edukacja zdrowotna; wychowanie przedszkolne; nauczanie początkowe
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Katowice : Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: Undoubtedly, health education is an educational practice requiring in-depth interdisciplinary scientific-exploratory research and the introduction of formal and legal regulations in order to increase its effectiveness in educational institutions. Health education can only be effectively implemented if systemic measures are put in place. There is, therefore, a need to attempt a comprehensive, systemic approach to health issues, which is what has been done in this dissertation. Obtaining empirical material allowed to assess the effectiveness of the implementation of the objectives and tasks of health education at the stage of preschool education and early school education, and the analysis of the practical implementation of these issues in the Silesian Voivodeship allowed to identify best practices in the field of health education and to present proposals for changes and extensions concerning the implementation of its recommendations. Moreover, a comprehensive analysis of systemic solutions allowed to build a theoretical model of effective influence in the field of health education at the pre-school and early-school levels of education. This doctoral dissertation consists of three main parts: theoretical, methodological and research. The theoretical part of the paper contains three chapters in which a specific synthesis of current knowledge and practical solutions in the field of health education has been made. The second part of the paper presents the methodological aspects of own research. The choice of specific research methods and techniques was dictated by the specific nature of the problems posed. The most appropriate method for the purposes of the research in this dissertation is the field study monographic method. In order to reduce measurement errors to a minimum, a triangulation approach was used. The research undertaken was of a diagnostic nature. The third part contains the results of authorial quantitative surveys conducted among teachers of pre-school education and early school education, as well as among parents of children at pre-school and early school ages. This part also includes the analysis and interpretation of empirical material collected in the course of qualitative research, which included: free interviews with facility directors, observations made during health education classes, focus interviews with preschoolers and students, and analysis of internal documentation of educational institutions. The obtained results were presented against the background of the research achievements of other authors and accompanied by their own commentary. The dissertation ends with a summary and conclusions resulting from the diagnosis and evaluation of systemic solutions in the field of health education, as well as recommendations for pedagogical practice. The undertaken attempt to present the issues of health education as a whole and to make a thorough diagnosis and evaluation of systemic solutions in this paper guarantee a high practical utility of the study and will certainly prove useful for both theoreticians and practitioners of health education.
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