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Title: Cadomian protolith ages of exotic mega blocks from Bugaj and Andrychów (Western outer Carpathians, Poland) and their palaeogeographic significance
Authors: Burda, Jolanta
Woskowicz-Ślęzak, Beata
Klotzli, Urs
Gawęda, Aleksandra
Keywords: exotics; zircon U-Pb dating; Western Outer Carpathians; palaeogeography; Brunovistulicum
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: Geochronometria, Vol. 46, Iss. 1 (2019), s. 25-36
Abstract: This study presents the first zircon U-Pb LA-MC-ICP-MS ages and whole-rock Rb/Sr and Sm/Nd data from exotic blocks (Bugaj and Andrychów) from the Western Outer Carpathians (WOC) flysch. The CL images of the zircon crystals from both samples reveal typical magmatic textures characterized by a well-defined concentric and oscillatory growth zoning. A concordia age 580.1 ± 6.0 Ma of the zircons from the Bugaj sample is considered to represent the crystallization age of this granite. The zircon crystals from the Andrychów orthogneiss yield an age of 542 ± 21 Ma, in-terpreted as the uppermost Proterozoic, magmatic crystallization age of the granitoid protholith. The initial (at ca. 580 Ma) 87Sr/86Sr ratios of the Bugaj granitoids (0.72997 and 0.72874) are highly radio-genic, pointing to the assimilation of an older, possibly strongly Rb enriched source to the Bugaj melt. The Nd isotope systematics (εNd580 –1.4 and 0.4) also point to a significant contribution of such a dis-tinct mantle source. On the basis of the sequence of magmatic events obtained from U-Pb zircon ages, we suggest that exotic mega blocks deposited to the WOC basins were related to the Brunovistulicum Terrane. They belong to the group of Vendian/Cambrian granitoids representing the latest, post-tectonic expression of the Cadomian cycle.
DOI: 10.1515/geochr-2015-0102
ISSN: 1897-1695
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