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Title: Pojmowanie, postrzeganie i doświadczanie sprawiedliwości przez uczniów klasy szóstej szkoły podstawowej oraz rozwijanie ich poczucia sprawiedliwości przez nauczycieli
Authors: Stępkowska, Karina
Advisor: Żywczok, Alicja
Keywords: nauczyciel; uczniowie; sprawiedliwość szkolna; Rawls, John (1921-2002)
Issue Date: 2018
Publisher: Katowice : Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: Dissertation concerns the understanding, perception and experience of justice by the students of the sixth grade of primary school and the activities initiated by the teacher in order to develop a sense of justice among students. The work contains a theoretical reflection on the idea of justice throughout history and the concept of justice by John Rawls with particular emphasis on social institutions, found in one of them – a school. The work also shows the importance of development in knowledge and discusses the methodological assumptions and organizational research. The studies covered three hundred students and two hundred teachers and uses two key methods: method of survey and diagnostic method for individual cases, as well as research techniques such as: surveys, interview technique, technique observation and document analysis. There were constructed a few research tools for the tests. The question of justice is shown from the student and teacher perspective. However, empirical study of the phenomenon was innovative in the way of considering the analysis of justice not only through division of goods (evaluation), but also in relationship context among pupils, students and teachers and the teachers and the pupils ' parents. Having examined the understanding, perception and experience of justice by students I scanned their knowledge of the standards and rules of justice applicable in society, I gained the role of justice in high school and beyond the institution and the reasons of unfair treatment of other people. I found out what the values, character traits and behavior of teachers they consider essential to their sense of justice, what they feel when someone treats them fairly or unfairly, and, when they have the opportunity of such behaviour towards others. However, in case of teachers, I have dealt with the way of understanding justice, but primarily I found out what methods and forms the teachers use to organize their educationally – teaching work in order to strengthen the students’ sense of justice. I met causes deficits of justice in school and the role that teachers assign a fair attitude toward the students. The results of research allow to refer to popular opinion about the school justice/ injustice and certainly they can be valuable for both teachers-researchers, teachers, educators, school teachers or other people involved in upbringing primary school pupils.
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