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Title: Analysis of media representations of non-neurotypical students in the context of support for people with autism spectrum disorders offered by polish state-owned universities. Sociological study
Authors: Drzazga-Lech, Maja
Świątkiewicz-Mośny, Maria
Keywords: stigma identity; Asperger’s syndrome; high functioning autism; social exclusion; integration; media discourse
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Studia Humanistyczne AGH, T. 17, No. 3 (2018), s. 31-49
Abstract: More and more high functioning pupils with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) are finishing school, graduating and entering higher education, but in Poland the exact number of these students is still unknown. For academics, especially outside the field of pedagogy and psychology, it is a major challenge to work with students with such dysfunctions. This can activate the social labelling process and negative stigmatisation on the part of people who do not have the knowledge and ability to interact with people with autistic traits. This, in turn, can contribute to perpetuating the stigmatic identity of non‑neurotypical students. This article is exploratory. Its purpose is to present the complexity of the situation of students with ASD within the exceptional environment of a university. The inspiration was a controversial article published in a newspaper which evoked a media debate on this issue and activated the process of objectification of social representations of non‑neurotypical adults, especially those with autistic traits. This article focuses on media discourse caused by the controversial article: articles, letters, and responses published in newspapers and newspaper forums; it also comments on legal regulations and assistance programmes.
DOI: 10.7494/human.2018.17.3.31
ISSN: 2300-7109
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