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Title: Case Studies of Seismic Energy Release Ahead of Underground Coal Mining Before Strong Tremors
Authors: Mendecki, Maciej J.
Wojtecki, Łukasz
Zuberek, Wacław M.
Keywords: Benioff strain release; induced seismicity; preshock sequence; mining; Upper Silesia Coal Basin
Issue Date: 25-Mar-2019
Citation: Pure and Applied Geophysics, 25 March 2019
Abstract: We would like to test the concept that induced seismicity prior to relatively large mining tremor (ML[2.5, E[106J) can be inferred from the cumulative Benioff strain release (BSR) as power law time-to-failure before the strong event. This study presents the application of accelerating BSR prior to a large earthquake, widely used in natural seismicity, for analysis of this phenomenon in induced seismicity. The Benioff strain release is quantified as accelerated releases of cumulative (square root sum) of seismic energy in the time series. During the study, five sequences were extracted from the seismic catalogues from two Polish hard coal mines: exhausted Bobrek Mine (data form the ISEPOS Platform) and from a mine belonging to the Polish Mining Group. Next, a search radius was used to select precursory events and to indicate the type of processes occurring in the coal seam and its vicinity. The fitted power law of cumulative Benioff strain release showed changes of m-parameter. If the value of m was lower than 1.0, the process was regarded as an accelerating-like and if m was higher than 1.0—as a quiescence-like. The investigation of m-parameter vs. the search radius showed the general behaviour of the rock mass in the studied areas and allowed to evaluate the relationship between the critical radius and magnitude of the target event. The obtained scaling relation log(Rc) * 0.35 ML is similar to these reported by other authors who analysed natural seismicity which might suggest that the scaling relation works in a wide range of magnitudes.
DOI: 10.1007/s00024-019-02144-0
ISSN: 0033-4553
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