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Title: Intrusive consonants : the internal structure of English liquids
Authors: Kijak, Artur
Keywords: Linking; intrusion; liquids; vocalization; sandhi
Issue Date: 2010
Citation: Poznań Studies in Contemporary Linguistics, Vol. 46, iss. 4 (2010), s. 407-427
Abstract: The aim of the paper is to explore the internal structure of English liquids. This is done by ana- lysing some processes, both diachronic and synchronic, in which liquids are the leading actors. Thus we discuss historical liquid vocalization together with the vocalic developments in the pre- liquid position. Moreover, we look at two sandhi phenomena of liquid-zero alternations, i.e. link- ing and intrusion in two varieties of English recorded in southern England and north-eastern United States. We address the questions concerning the distribution, representation and interac- tion of liquids with the preceding vowel and explain the mechanics behind the liquid-zero alter- nations.
DOI: 10.2478/v10010-010-0021-7
ISSN: 1897-7499
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