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Tytuł: Harald Sinozęby - król Danii i jego polityka norweska w poematach skaldów
Autor: Morawiec, Jakub
Słowa kluczowe: Harald Sinozęby; Król Danii; Polityka norweska
Data wydania: 2007
Źródło: Średniowiecze Polskie i Powszechne, T. 4 (2007), s. 51-73
Abstrakt: The reign o f Harald I Gormsson is o f key importance for the development of medieval Denmark. This ruler turned Denmark to the most important political factor in Scandinavia at the same time constituting to significant home changes of social, cultural and economic nature. Such condition o f Denmark is reflected in the literature on the subject referring to the king o f Denmark. The most important axe those o f skalds. A few of the poets mentions in their pieces Harald I Gormsson indeed. One of the most significant is anonymous niddigt - a lampoon - defaming the ruler to a large extent, pointing out his cowardice, unmanly behaviour and the disobedience o f his subjects who rebelled against him. Much o f the data suggest that this poem was preserved until today only in one verse and was written in Norway on the request o f jarl Lade Häkon by somebody who was directly from his environment. This niddigt quoted by some sagamanders contributed to establishing highly disadvantageous opinion on Harald among skalds. The above mentioned skaldic pieces indicate that this opinion is too categorical. Certain poems, or their fragments, prove that there were skalds who perceived the king o f Denmark as many other monarchs and magnates o f the Scandinavian world - as an influential, generous, belligerent and courageous. A monarch who appreciated their artistic effort and at the same time someone who is worth commemorating for future generations. The presented fragments o f skaldic poetry shed some light on quite complex relationships of Denmark and Norway during the reign o f Herald I Gormsson. They clearly show two opposing tendencies: the Danish desire to impose their supremacy over Norway and the Norwegian attempts to defend their independent position. Fierce and uncompromising fight began as a result o f such tendencies in which the two parties aimed at taking advantage of each weakness o f the opponent and the skald’s poems were ideal means of propaganda.
ISSN: 2080-492X
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