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Title: Korzyści płynące z rodziny zakorzenionej w małżeństwie sakramentalnym – perspektywa Amerykańskich Biskupów Katolickich
Authors: Kłos-Skrzypczak, Aleksandra
Keywords: Marriage; family; The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops; American society
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Family Forum, nr 7 (2017), s. 15- 34
Abstract: In the opinion of some sociologists contemporary American society is best defined by the term “single nation”. Over the years, the number of marriages has drastically decreased, while the percentage of children who were born in unmarried relationships (civil union or domestic partnership) has increased. Only 30% of Americans born between 1980–2000 say that marriage and family are one of the most important issues in life. Young people say they are too young, independent and busy to marry. Considering these statistic data, the Catholic Church in the United States is taking steps to encourage US citizens to enter into sacramental marriages. The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops talks about marriage as a “language of benefit”, referring to religious, health, and mental issues. What’s more, the American bishops claim that it is up to all US citizens to care for young people to marry. In their arguments, bishops refer to economic issues, which are affected by the growing number of single mothers.
DOI: 10.25167/FF/2017/15-34
ISSN: 2084-1698
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