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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Acquisition of Case System in Romani LanguageKyuchukov, Hristo
2019Aquisition of Turkish Grammatical Categories in Bilingual ContextKyuchukov, Hristo
2019Are the Roma children “Mentally retarded” if they do not Know the Syntax in their Second Language?Kyuchukov, Hristo; Ushakova, Oxana; Yashina, Valentina
2017Knowledge of Romani language grammarKyuchukov, Hristo; Samko, Milan; Kopcanova, Dagmar
2018Language complexity, narratives and theory of mind of Romani speaking childrenKyuchukov, Hristo; de Villiers, Jill
2019Language Use and Identity Among Migrant RomaKyuchukov, Hristo
2018Mother tongue of Roma children from special schoolsKyuchukov, Hristo; New, William
2018Teaching the Romani language for intercultural purposesKyuchukov, Hristo
2018The Mother Tongue of Turkish Immigrant Children in Berlin: To Be or Not to Be?Kyuchukov, Hristo
2017Why Roma children need language assessments in RomaniKyuchukov, Hristo; Villiers, Jill de; Takahesu Tabori, Andrea