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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Equitable distribution in a three players problemSzopa, Marek
2014How quantum prisoner's dilemma can support negotiationsSzopa, Marek
2002Mutual inductance and selfinductance in mesoscopic systemsZipper, Elżbieta; Dajka, Jerzy; Szopa, Marek
2003Noise-assisted currents in a cylinder-like set of mesoscopic ringsDajka, Jerzy; Kostur, Marcin; Łuczka, Jerzy; Szopa, Marek; Zipper, Elżbieta
1993On the possibility of spontaneous currents in mesoscopie systemsZipper, Elżbieta; Szopa, Marek; Wohlleben, D.; Freche, P.; Esser, M.
2001Persistent Currents in Twisted Tori Made of Chiral NanotubesMargańska, Magdalena; Szopa, Marek
2018Projektowanie rynków w oparciu o algorytmy kojarzeniaSzopa, Marek