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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Correlation between the band-gap energy and the electrical conductivity in MPr2W2O10 tungstates (Where M = Cd, Co, Mn)Sawicki, Bogdan; Tomaszewicz, E.; Piątkowska, M.; Groń, Tadeusz; Duda, Henryk; Górny, Krzysztof
2019Dielectric and magnetic characteristics of Ca1−xMnxMoO4 (0 ≤ x ≤ 0.15) nanomaterialsGroń, Tadeusz; Karolewicz, M.; Tomaszewicz, E.; Guzik, M.; Oboz, Monika; Sawicki, Bogdan; Duda, Henryk; Kukuła, Zenon
2020Dipole Relaxation in Semiconducting Zn2−xMgxInV3O11 Materials (Where x = 0.0, 0.4, 1.0, 1.6, and 2.0)Groń, Tadeusz; Bosacka, Monika; Filipek, Elżbieta; Pawlus, Sebastian; Nowok, Andrzej; Sawicki, Bogdan; Duda, Henryk; Goraus, Jerzy
2009Effect of cation substitution on critical fields in the n-type Zn xSnyCrzSe4 spinel semiconductorsGroń, Tadeusz; Jendrzejewska, Izabela; Maciążek, Ewa; Pacyna, A.W.; Duda, Henryk; Zajdel, Piotr; Krok-Kowalski, Józef
2021Effect of Gd3+ substitution on thermoelectric power factor of paramagnetic Co2+-doped calcium molybdato-tungstatesSawicki, Bogdan; Oboz, Monika; Groń, Tadeusz; Kukuła, Zenon; Pawlus, Sebastian; Nowok, Andrzej; Duda, Henryk; Karolewicz, Marta; Tomaszewicz, Elżbieta
2018Effect of Magnesium Substitution on Dielectric Constant of Zn2-xMgxInV3O11 (x = 0.0, 0.4, 1.6) Solid SolutionsSawicki, Bogdan; Bosacka, M.; Filipek, E.; Groń, Tadeusz; Duda, Henryk; Oboz, Monika; Urbanowicz, Piotr
2019Effect of tantalum substitution on dielectric constant of ZnSb2-xTaxO6 solid solution (x=0.0,0.1,0.25,0.75,1.6)Sawicki, Bogdan; Dąbrowska, G.; Filipek, E.; Groń, Tadeusz; Duda, Henryk; Pawlus, Sebastian; Urbanowicz, Piotr
2009Electrical and magnetic characterization of ZnCr2-x V xSe4 spinel semiconductorsDuda, Henryk; Malicka, Ewa; Groń, Tadeusz; Pacyna, A.W.; Kusz, Joachim
2009Electrical and magnetic studies of the CdxCryV zSe4 SpinelsGroń, Tadeusz; Duda, Henryk; Malicka, Ewa; Zawisza, Beata; Krok-Kowalski, Józef; Pacyna, A. W.
2009Electrical and magnetic studies of ZnxMnyCr zSe4 p-type semiconductorsJendrzejewska, Izabela; Groń, Tadeusz; Duda, Henryk; Zajdel, Piotr; Pacyna, A.W.; Maciążek, Ewa
2018Electrical and optical properties of new Pr3+-doped PbWO4 ceramicsGroń, Tadeusz; Piątkowska, Magdalena; Tomaszewicz, Elżbieta; Sawicki, Bogdan; Urbanowicz, Piotr; Duda, Henryk
2016Electrical properties of Sr2InV3O11Groń, Tadeusz; Filipek, E.; Pacześna, A.; Urbanowicz, Piotr; Sawicki, Bogdan; Duda, Henryk
2017Electrical transport properties of Yb8-xYxV2O17 (x = 0; 2; 8)Sawicki, Bogdan; Piz, M.; Filipek, E.; Groń, Tadeusz; Duda, Henryk
2011Ferromagnetic order in single-crystalline (CdxAl y)[Cr2]Sez semiconductorsDuda, Henryk; Rduch, Paweł; Malicka, Ewa; Groń, Tadeusz; Kusz, Joachim
2012Hopkinson-like effect in single-crystalline CdCr 2Se 4 and Cd[Cr 1.89Ti 0.08]Se 4Malicka, Ewa; Groń, Tadeusz; Pacyna, A.W.; Duda, Henryk; Krok-Kowalski, Józef
2016Influence of Cr-substitution on the electrical properties of Fe1-xCrxSnSbO6Groń, Tadeusz; Dąbrowska, G.; Filipek, E.; Duda, Henryk; Sawicki, Bogdan
2013Influence of Cr-substitution on the electrical properties of Fe1-xCrxVSbO6Duda, Henryk; Filipek, E.; Dąbrowska, G.; Groń, Tadeusz; Mydlarz, T.
2011Influence of Cu, Ga and Au dopants and technology conditions on the magnetic interactions in HgCr2Se4 single crystalsKrok-Kowalski, Józef; Władarz, Grzegorz; Groń, Tadeusz; Duda, Henryk; Pacyna, A.W.; Nikiforov, K.; Rduch, Paweł
2004Influence of selected auxiliary substances on some physicochemical properties of solid dispersions containing magnesium saltsMarcoin, Wacława; Duda, Henryk
2009Influence of substitution of the chromium ions by the nonmagnetic Sb and Al ions on the magnetization processes in CuCr2X4 (X = S, Se) spinelsMalicka, Ewa; Krok-Kowalski, Józef; Warczewski, Jerzy; Groń, Tadeusz; Duda, Henryk; Mydlarz, T.; Pawełczyk, Marian; Pacyna, A. W.; Rduch, Paweł; Władarz, Grzegorz