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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Azores High and Hawaiian High: correlations, trends and shifts (1948–2018)Falarz, Małgorzata
2018Review of Polish contribution to snow cover research (1880–2017)Falarz, Małgorzata; Nowosad, Marek; Bednorz, Ewa; Rasmus, Sirpa
2013Seasonal stability of snow cover in Poland in relation to the atmospheric circulationFalarz, Małgorzata
2017Tree-ring widths and snow cover depth in High TauernFalarz, Małgorzata
2009Variability of selected extreme meteorological events in PolandŁupikasza, Ewa; Bielec-Bąkowska, Zuzanna; Falarz, Małgorzata
2009Variability of the Icelandic Low and the Azores High in January and Their Influence on Climatic Conditions in PolandFalarz, Małgorzata