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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Jan-2020Auxin canalization and vascular tissue formation by TIR1/AFB-mediated auxin signaling in ArabidopsisMazur, Ewa; Kulik, Ivan; Hajny, Jakub; Friml, Jiri
2020Clathrin-mediated trafficking and PIN trafficking are required for auxin canalization and vascular tissue formation in ArabidopsisMazur, Ewa; Gallei, Michelle; Adamowski, Maciek; Han, Huibin; Robert, Helene S.; Friml, Jiri
2016Vascular cambium regeneration and vessel formation in wounded inflorescence stems of ArabidopsisMazur, Ewa; Benkova, Eva; Friml, Jiri
2017Vascular tissue development and regeneration in the model plant ArabidopsisMazur, Ewa; Friml, Jiri