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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Activation volume of selected liquid crystals in the density scaling regimeGrzybowski, Andrzej; Urban, Stanisław; Mroz, S.; Paluch, Marian
14-Sep-2015Adam-Gibbs model in the density scaling regime and its implications for the configurational entropy scalingMasiewicz, Elżbieta; Grzybowski, Andrzej; Grzybowska, Katarzyna; Pawlus, Sebastian; Pionteck, Jurgen; Paluch, Marian
2020Density Scaling Based Detection of thermodynamic Regions of complex intermolecular interactions characterizing Supramolecular StructuresPawlus, Sebastian; Grzybowski, Andrzej; Kołodziej, Sławomir; Wikarek, Michał; Dzida, Marzena; Góralski, Paweł; Bair, Scott; Paluch, Marian
2022Density Scaling of Translational and Rotational Molecular Dynamics in a Simple Ellipsoidal Model near the Glass TransitionLiszka, Karol; Grzybowski, Andrzej; Koperwas, Kajetan; Paluch, Marian
19-Nov-2015Ionic liquids and their bases : striking differences in the dynamic heterogeneity near the glass transitionGrzybowska, Katarzyna; Grzybowski, Andrzej; Wojnarowska, Żaneta; Knapik, Justyna; Paluch, Marian
2020Molecular dynamics and physical stability of ibuprofen in binary mixtures with an acetylated derivative of maltoseGrzybowska, Katarzyna; Grzybowski, Andrzej; Knapik-Kowalczuk, Justyna; Chmiel, Krzysztof; Woyna-Orlewicz, K.; Szafraniec-Szczęsny, J.; Antosik-Rogóż, Agata; Jachowicz, R.; Kowalska-Szojda, Katarzyna; Lodowski, Piotr; Paluch, Marian
2012Scaling of viscous dynamics in simple liquids : Theory, simulation and experimentBohling, Lasse; Ingebrigtsen, Trond S.; Grzybowski, Andrzej; Paluch, Marian; Dyre, Jeppe C.; Schrøder, Thomas B.
2022The role of the diffusion in the predictions of the classical nucleation theory for quasi‑real systems differ in dipole moment valueKoperwas, Kajetan; Kaśkosz, Filip; Affouard, Frederic; Grzybowski, Andrzej; Paluch, Marian
2020The role of the dipole moment orientations in the crystallization tendency of the van der Waals liquids - molecular dynamics simulationsKoperwas, Kajetan; Adrjanowicz, Karolina; Grzybowski, Andrzej; Paluch, Marian
10-Dec-2015Thermodynamic consequences of the kinetic nature of the glass transitionKoperwas, Kajetan; Grzybowski, Andrzej; Tripathy, Satya N.; Masiewicz, Elżbieta; Paluch, Marian