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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017"Amazing grace that saved a wretch like me" : conceptual metaphors for "grace" in Christian discourse (on the basis of John Henry Newman's sermons)Kuczok, Marcin
2014An individual realisation of the linguistic genre of sermon in John Henry Newman's "Parochial and Plain Sermons"Kuczok, Marcin
2019By way of introduction : a contrastive perspective on figurative languageBiały, Paulina; Kuczok, Marcin; Zabawa, Marcin
2016Editors' prefaceCetnarowska, Bożena; Kuczok, Marcin; Zabawa, Marcin
2021IntroductionBiały, Paulina; Kuczok, Marcin; Zabawa, Marcin
2016Precious possession, war or journey? : conceptual metaphors for "life" in American English, Hungarian, and PolishKuczok, Marcin
2018The biblical metaphors of sin: a cognitive-semantic perspective on the English version of the BibleKuczok, Marcin
2016The concept of GOD'S FACE as an anthropopathism in the Old TestamentKuczok, Marcin
2020Vegetalizations in John Henry Newman's "Sermons on Subjects of the Day"Kuczok, Marcin