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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Forms of heavy metals (Zn, Pb, Cd) occuring in rhizospheres from the areas of former and contemporary Zn-Pb ore miningRożek, Dorota; Nadłonek, Weronika; Cabała, Jerzy
2021Impacts of vegetation and palaeohydrological changes on the n-alkane composition of a Holocene peat sequence from the Upper Vistula Valley (southern Poland)Skreczko, Sylwia; Szymczyk, Artur; Nadłonek, Weronika
2016Potentially toxic elements in soils and plants on a reclaimed coal-waste dump in southern Poland : preliminary studyNadłonek, Weronika; Cabała, Jerzy
2015Preliminary investigation of mineralogy and chemistry of peats from the Kietrz site, southern PolandSkreczko, Sylwia; Nadłonek, Weronika; Szopa, Krzysztof
2017The impact of anthropogenic factors on the occurrence of molybdenum in stream and river sediments of central Upper Silesia (Southern Poland)Pasieczna, Anna; Bojakowska, Izabela; Nadłonek, Weronika