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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016A reverse-genetics mutational analysis of the barley HvDWARF gene results in identification of a series of alleles and mutants with short stature of various degree and disturbance in BR biosynthesis allowing a new insight into the processGruszka, Damian; Górniak, Małgorzata; Głodowska, Ewelina; Wierus, Ewa; Oklestkova, Jana; Janeczko, Anna; Małuszyński, Mirosław; Szarejko, Iwona
2016Barley brassinosteroid mutants provide an insight into phytohormonal homeostasis in plant reaction to drought stressGruszka, Damian; Janeczko, Anna; Dziurka, Michał; Pociecha, Ewa; Oklestkova, Jana; Szarejko, Iwona
2021Molecular Dynamics of Chloroplast Membranes Isolated from Wild-Type Barley and a Brassinosteroid-Deficient Mutant Acclimated to Low and High TemperaturesSadura, Iwona; Latowski, Dariusz; Oklestkova, Jana; Gruszka, Damian; Chyc, Marek; Janeczko, Anna
2019Mutations in the HvDWARF, HvCPD and HvBRI1 Genes-Involved in Brassinosteroid Biosynthesis/Signalling : Altered Photosynthetic Efficiency, Hormonal Homeostasis and Tolerance to High/Low Temperatures in BarleySadura, Iwona; Pociecha, Ewa; Dziurka, Michał; Oklestkova, Jana; Novak, Ondrej; Gruszka, Damian; Janeczko, Anna