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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2018De flaminibus Dialibus tempore liberae rei publicae captis observationes aliquotPierzak, Damian
2015Mit grecki w "Mowach" CyceronaPierzak, Damian
2019Ovid and Statius,Thebaid 6.54-78. Necessary allusions or a metapoetic dialogue?Pierzak, Damian
2018Quia esse nolunt, bibant. O zatopieniu świętych kurcząt i okolicznościach powstania “Exemplum” P. Klaudiusza PulchraPierzak, Damian
2018References to historical figures as a means of persuasion in ancient rhetoric : a research methodology applicable to CiceroPierzak, Damian
2013The Case of Apollo and Hyacinth in the "Second Tetralogy" Attributed to AntiphonPierzak, Damian
2015Was Cicero's Audience Aware of How Orpheus Died (Arch. 19)?Pierzak, Damian