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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Feb-2019Academic Writing instruction : some missing linksWarchał, Krystyna
2010Agentless structures in the interpreter’s output : Looking into the gender factorŁyda, Andrzej; Jackiewicz, Alina; Warchał, Krystyna
2015Certainty and doubt in academic discourse : epistemic modality markers in English and Polish linguistics articlesWarchał, Krystyna
2008Encoding certainty: On some epistemic modality markers in English and Polish research articles. The case of MUST / MUSIEĆWarchał, Krystyna
2009Epistemic modality markers in Poilsh-English and English-Polish consecutive interpreting : modal values and categoriesWarchał, Krystyna; Łyda, Andrzej
2019Humour in Professional Academic Writing (with Some Implications for Teaching)Warchał, Krystyna
2009Interpreting stance : epistemic modality markers in Polish-English consecutive interpretingWarchał, Krystyna; Łyda, Andrzej
2013Pleonasms in Polish-English interpretingŁyda, Andrzej; Warchał, Krystyna
2012Po co komu negacja? : ideologiczne aspekty negacji w wiadomościach telewizyjnychŁyda, Andrzej; Warchał, Krystyna
2009Słownik angielskich frazemów akademickichArabski, Janusz; Łyda, Andrzej; Warchał, Krystyna; Gumul, Ewa
2010Taking stance across languages : high-value modal verbs of epistemic necessity and inference in English and Polish linguistics research articles.Warchał, Krystyna
2014The face of a scholar : selected interpersonal strategies in journal article introductionsWarchał, Krystyna
2018The place of the purpose statement in linguistics article introductions: an English–Polish perspectiveWarchał, Krystyna