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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Application of machine-learning methods to recognize mitoBK channels from different cell types based on the experimental patch-clamp resultsRichter-Laskowska, Monika; Trybek, Monika; Bednarczyk, Piotr; Wawrzkiewicz-Jałowiecka, Agata
2020Differences in gating dynamics of BK channels in cellular and mitochondrial membranes from human glioblastoma cells unraveled by short- and long-range correlations analysisWawrzkiewicz-Jałowiecka, Agata; Trybek, Paulina; Borys, Przemysław; Dworakowska, Beata; Machura, Łukasz; Bednarczyk, Piotr
2020In Search of New Therapeutics—Molecular Aspects of the PCOS Pathophysiology: Genetics, Hormones, Metabolism and BeyondWawrzkiewicz-Jałowiecka, Agata; Kowalczyk, Karolina; Trybek, Paulina; Jarosz, Tomasz; Radosz, Patrycja; Setlak, Marcin; Madej, Paweł
2022New Diagnostic Tool for Ion Channel Activity Hidden Behind the Dwell-Time CorrelationsBorys, Przemysław; Trybek, Paulina; Dworakowska, Beata; Bednarczyk, Piotr; Wawrzkiewicz-Jałowiecka, Agata