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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Assessing quality of decision reductsStańczyk, Urszula; Zielosko, Beata
2021Condition attributes, properties of decision rules, and discretisation : analysis of relations and dependenciesZielosko, Beata; Stańczyk, Urszula
2008Construction and optimization of partial decision rulesZielosko, Beata
2021Data irregularities in discretisation of test sets used for evaluation of classification systems: A case study on authorship attributionStańczyk, Urszula; Zielosko, Beata
2021Databases and SQLTurčínek, Pavel; Drlík, Martin; Skalka, Ján; Zielosko, Beata; Hernández-Figueroa, Zenón José; González-Domínguez, José Daniel; Rodríguez-del-Pino, Juan Carlos; Reichel, Jaroslav
2021Decision rules construction : algorithm based on EAV modelŻabiński, Krzysztof; Zielosko, Beata
2021Decision rules derived from optimal decision trees with hypothesesAzad, Mohammad; Chikalov, Igor; Hussain, Shahid; Moshkov, Mikhail; Zielosko, Beata
2013Decision rules, trees and tests for tables with many-valued decisions : comparative studyAzad, M.; Zielosko, Beata; Moshkov, M.; Chikalov, I.
2020Discretisation of conditions in decision rules induced for continuousStańczyk, Urszula; Zielosko, Beata; Baron, Grzegorz
2020Heuristic-based feature selection for rough set approachStańczyk, Urszula; Zielosko, Beata
2017Klasyfikacja danych z wykorzystaniem zmodyfikowanego podejścia opartego na dynamicznym programowaniuZielosko, Beata; Żabiński, Krzysztof
2019On Approaches to Discretisation of Stylometric Data and Conflict Resolution in Decision MakingStańczyk, Urszula; Zielosko, Beata
2013Optimization of approximate inhibitory rules relative to number of misclassificationsAlsolami, F.; Chikalov, I.; Moshkov, M.; Zielosko, Beata
2020Reduct-based ranking of attributesZielosko, Beata; Stańczyk, Urszula
2021Selected approaches for decision rules construction-comparative studyZielosko, Beata; Żabiński, Krzysztof