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Title: Powroty znaczeń : aktualizacje tradycji kulturowych w literaturze macedońskiej po 1945 roku
Authors: Miodyński, Lech
Keywords: literatura macedońska; tradycje kulturowe; rozwój historyczno-literacki
Issue Date: 1999
Publisher: Katowice : Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: In this book the problem of various cultural and literary traditions in modem artistic texts which have been created in the Macedonian language zone — is discussed. Relation between the old Slavonic, folk-like, Enlightment and Romantic elements and the syncretic awareness of the last few decimals of history of literature is shown in view of non-typical evolutionary process of writings in Macedonia. Its speeding pace, dilemmas of Europeanization and unique phase-timing are described in the context of the particular authors who either in a camouflage way or by manifesting it openly refer their works to the actual traditions. Reconstruction of the common memory consists of making use of confrontational or continuational conversions, yet the effect of changes of the inherited semantics are these elements which do not fit to the clear system of actualization. In part I (chapters on Evolution disturbances and Paradigms lost) characteristics of non-typical historic-literary development are being discussed along with efficiency of “speeded changes” and of some general directions of intercultural relations in the sphere of the XXth century discourse. Part II presents simultaneous returns (both reconstructive and interpretatory in nature) of meanings of tradition: Slavia Orthodoxa and a pagan archaism: intertexts versus the heroic legend of culture — inspirations being the oldest element of both cultural and literary testimony, osdlating between transposition of historiographic motiffs and historiosophic myth-creating idea and the subject matter; From documentary to pseudo-history and myth-creating therapy — transformation of the folk idiom on the basis of the method of reportlike registering and immitating of conventions, reproduction of fantasy meta-fictional creation of narration and lyrical penetration of the archetypes; Dialectics of persuasive projects — contemporary artistic didacticism of the socially involved literature serving its various intervention functions in socio-national contexts; (Neo¡Romantic renewals: between sentimental and symbolic words — references to individual approach of irrationalism, deciphered by categories of a dialogue of an individual and nature, eschatology of suffering as well as esthetic intuition. The presented ways, aims and forms of making a full use of inheritance show different productivity of their reconstruction along the time axis. True innovation of construction is often replaced now by the culture instrumentalism of the “secondary creation” — generated by the needs of non-typical historic-literary structure and social self-afirmation of the national sacrum.
ISBN: 83-226-0858-6
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