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Title: Demony Genette'a : o powieści Dawida Bieńkowskiego "Nic"
Authors: Uniłowski, Krzysztof
Keywords: Dawid Bieńkowski; pastisz; realizm fingowany; metaliteratura; intertekstalność
Issue Date: 2006
Publisher: Katowice : Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzania Marketingowego i Języków Obcych
Citation: A. Opacka, M. Kisiel (red.), "Nasz XX wiek : style, tematy, postawy pisarskie" (S. 269-277). Katowice : Wyższa Szkoła Zarządzania Marketingowego i Języków Obcych
Abstract: The sketch points to the difficulties faced by Dawid Bieńkowski (b. 1963) as the author of the novel "Nic" (Nothing, 2005) - intended to be a critical description of the Polish reality of the 1990s. However, Bieńkowski's novel turned out to be an involuntary pastiche of critical realism (including references to Prus's "Doll"), which functions here only thanks to the intertextual and metaliterary references. This is why the author of the article calls it the faked or fingered realism.
ISBN: 83-923560-0-4
Appears in Collections:Książki/rozdziały (W.Hum.)

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