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Title: Coexistence of absolute negative mobility and anomalous diffusion.
Authors: Spiechowicz, Jakub
Hanggi, P.
Łuczka, Jerzy
Keywords: anomalous diffusion; negative mobility; Brownian particle
Issue Date: 14-Aug-2019
Citation: "New Journal of Physics", Vol. 21 (2019), Art. no. 083029
Abstract: Using extensive numerical studies we demonstrate that absolute negative mobility of a Brownian particle (i.e. the net motion into the direction opposite to a constant biasing force acting around zero bias) does coexist with anomalous diffusion (AD). The latter is characterised in terms of a nonlinear scaling with time of the mean-square deviation of the particle position. SuchADcovers ‘coherent’ motion (i.e. the position dynamics x(t) approaches in evolving time a constant dispersion), ballistic diffusion, subdiffusion, superdiffusion and hyperdiffusion. In providing evidence for this coexistence we consider a paradigmatic model of an inertial Brownian particle moving in a one-dimensional symmetric periodic potential being driven by both an unbiased time-periodic force and a constant bias. This very setup allows for various sorts of different physical realisations.
DOI: 10.1088/1367-2630/ab3764
ISSN: 1367-2630
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