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Title: Analisi comparativa della occupazione dei bibliotecari in Italia e in Polonia
Authors: Rizzo, Anna Maria
Keywords: library; labour law; EU directives; employment
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: Bibliotheca Nostra. Śląski Kwartalnik Naukowy, 2018, nr 3, s. 101-108
Abstract: This article presents a comparative analysis of both Polish and Italian employments in terms of librarians ‘employment rights. It presents historical conditions related to the legislation of the librarian’s profession in these two countries, as well as provides a comparison of current legislation. The research highlights the differences between the labour rights of librarians in both countries. Furthermore, it elaborates on how the impact of the European Union directives causes the apparent unification of these rights. The research aims to show prevailing the employment rights in Europe, by comparing two different legal and cultural backgrounds. The influence of the EU seems to create basic employment rights scheme in general but does not provide any legislative directions in the area of employment rights for librarians.
ISSN: 2084- 5464
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