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Title: Studies of electronic structure across a quantum phase transition in CeRhSb1−xSnx
Authors: Kurleto, Rafał
Goraus, Jerzy
Rosmus, Marcin
Ślebarski, Andrzej
Starowicz, Paweł
Keywords: electronic structure; band structure; solid state and materials
Issue Date: 2019
Citation: European Physical Journal B, Vol. 92, iss. 9 (2019), art. no 192
Abstract: We study an electronic structure of CeRhSb1􀀀xSnx system, which displays quantum critical transition from a Kondo insulator to a non-Fermi liquid at x = 0:13. We provide ultraviolet photoelectron spectra of valence band obtained at 12.5 K. A coherent peak at the Fermi level is not present in the data, but a signal related to 4f1 7=2 nal state is detected. Spectral intensity at the Fermi edge has a general tendency to grow with Sn content. Theoretical calculations of band structure are realized with full-potential local-orbital minimum-basis code using scalar relativistic and full relativistic approach. The calculations reveal a depletion of density of states at the Fermi level for CeRhSb. This gap is shifted above the Fermi energy with increasing Sn content and thus a rise of density of states at the Fermi level is re ected in the calculations. It agrees with metallic properties of compounds with larger x. The calculations also yield another important e ect of Sn substitution. Band structure is displaced in a direction corresponding to hole doping, although with deviations from a rigid band shift scenario. Lifshitz transitions modify a topology of the Fermi surface a few times and a number of bands crossing the Fermi level increases.
DOI: 10.1140/epjb/e2019-100157-3
ISSN: 1434-6028
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