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Title: Granice gatunku wobec granic tekstu
Authors: Loewe, Iwona
Keywords: gatunki literackie; analiza tekstu literackiego
Issue Date: 2015
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Citation: D. Ostaszewska, J. Przyklenk (red.), "Gatunki mowy i ich ewolucja. T. 5, Gatunek a granice" (S. 64-72). Katowice : Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: A man is afraid of limitlessness. The material text and the genre understood in an abstract way, regarded as existing in the sphere of logos, need to be endowed by its user with certain limits or borderline areas. The limit is a psycho-physical need of a human being to seek for some order in the universe. Therefore, the text has its limits. In case of a spoken text, they exist in the verbal code, whereas in written text they are contained in space. Questioning the limits of the text is tantamount to the incapacity for its decoding. Such a text is non-existent to the recipient. A genre, existing in a man’s communicative sphere as an abstract but recognisable entity, has to be subjected to the process of distinction, and thus, also to the processes of attribution and specification, just as every other entity surrounding us is. If, in a communicative situation, a particular model no longer brings the expected results, the user knows that the capacities of this model have been exhausted and he/she fluently proceeds to the realization of a different one. Transgression exists if there is something to be transgressed. It is said that transgression is in the nature of a genre, hence, it is logical that it has to have borderline spheres which may be transgressed. Therefore both entities — the text and the genre — are specified by a man. For the text, the border is clear — zero-one — which has the beginning and the end; for the genre, it is a broad borderline sphere of one of them coming across the borderline sphere of the other.
ISBN: 9788380123472
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