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Title: Między nadzieją a paranoją. O post-człowieku w filmach science fiction (na kilku przykładach)
Authors: Gorliński-Kucik, Piotr
Keywords: science fiction; science fiction cinema; the post-human; transhumanism; evolution; creationism; artificial intelligence
Issue Date: 2018
Citation: "Creatio Fantastica" nr 2 (2018), s. 109-122
Abstract: In the article, Gorliński-Kucik describes the determinants of science fiction conventions which aim at investigatiing the future of man and civilization. In doing so, the author reflects on movies released in recent years (2013–2019), which, in his opinion, best exemplify the problem in question, i.e. the construal of transhumanism. Analysed films include: Her (2013), Under the Skin (2013), Lucy (2014), Transcendence (2014), Chappie (2015), Arrival (2016), Blade Runner 2049 (2017), Ghost in the Shell (2017), Alita: Battle Angel (2019), and Netflix animated anthology Love, Death & Robots (2019). Gorliński- -Kucik concludes that vast majority of interpreted movies addressess the post-human and predicts its appearance in the near future―without, however, fully escaping the eponymoys dichotomy of hope and paranoia.
DOI: 10.5281/zenodo.3311787
ISSN: 2300-2514
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