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Title: Znaczenie postaw wobec badań naukowych i statystyki w procesie kształcenia akademickiego psychologów : przegląd literatury
Authors: Flakus, Maria
Keywords: methodology of research; psychology; academic achievement; attitudes toward research and statistics
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Edukacja, 2017, nr 4, s. 76-89
Abstract: This article presents an analysis of the importance of attitudes toward research and statistics (ATR/S) in relation to the education of future psychologists in the field of research methods. ATR/S are considered to be one of the key factors relating to the effectiveness of the education of research methods and statistics. ATR/S encompasses a number of cognitive, affective and behavioural reactions, which are commonly verbalized by students as anxiety or aversion to conducting research. The sources of these attitudes seem to consist of three elements: previous educational experiences, parental and peer influences, and the individual characteristics of students. Furthermore, positive attitudes towards research and statistics seem to be crucial for developing an appropriate level of methodological awareness.
DOI: 10.24131/3724.170406
ISSN: 0239-6858
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