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Tytuł: Synthesis of New Styrylquinoline Cellular Dyes, Fluorescent Properties, Cellular Localization and Cytotoxic Behavior
Autor: Rams-Baron, Marzena
Dulski, Mateusz
Mrozek-Wilczkiewicz, Anna
Korzec, Mateusz
Cieślik, Wioleta
Spaczyńska, Ewelina
Bartczak, Piotr
Ratuszna, Alicja
Polański, Jarosław
Musioł, Robert
Słowa kluczowe: styrylquinoline; synthesis; fluorescent dye; cellular distribution
Data wydania: 2015
Źródło: PLoS ONE, iss. 6 (2015), art. no e0131210
Abstrakt: New styrylquinoline derivatives with their photophysical constants are described. The synthesis was achieved via Sonogashira coupling using the newly developed heterogeneous nano-Pd/Cu catalyst system, which provides an efficient synthesis of high purity products. The compounds were tested in preliminary fluorescent microscopy studies to in order to identify their preferable cellular localization, which appeared to be in the lipid cellular organelles. The spectroscopic properties of the compounds were measured and theoretical TD- DFT calculations were performed. A biological analysis of the quinolines that were tested consisted of cytotoxicity assays against normal human fibroblasts and colon adenocarcinoma cells. All of the compounds that were studied appeared to be safe and indifferent to cells in a high concentration range. The presented results suggest that the quinoline compounds that were investigated in this study may be valuable structures for development as fluorescent dyes that could have biological applications.
DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0131210
ISSN: 1932-6203
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