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Tytuł: Water balance and chemical denudation in the unglaciated Fugleberget basin (SW Spitsbergen)
Autor: Pulina, Marian
Krawczyk, Wiesława
Pereyna, J.
Słowa kluczowe: Arctic; Spitsbergen; water balance; chemical denudation
Data wydania: 1984
Źródło: Polish Polar Research, 1984, no. 3/4, s.183-205
Abstrakt: This paper gives the results of investigations carried out in the Fugleberget basin which lies on the northern shore of the Hornsund Fiord, in the unglaciated region of raised sea terraces and on the slopes of the Fugleberget (569 m a.s.l.) and the Ariekammen (511 m a.s.l.). The investigations were carried out between 23 July, 1979 and 4 September, 1980, including the polar night. The Fugleberget basin represents well the area of sea terraces and coastal mountains uncovered with glacier and occupying large areas in West Spitsbergen. These areas are characterized by the presence of permafrost. The aim of investigations was to determine such fluvial processes as the duration of the hydrological period, the manner of water supply to the basin and an attempt to define the elements of the water balance. In addition studies were made on hydrological processes, particulary changes in the chemical composition of water, and the magnitude of denudation determined.
ISSN: 0138-0338
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