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Title: Radon intercomparison tests – Katowice, 2016
Authors: Chałupnik, Stanisław
Skubacz, Krystian
Wysocka, Małgorzata
Mazur, Jadwiga
Bonczyk, Michał
Kozak, Krzysztof
Grządziel, Dominik
Urban, Paweł
Tchorz-Trzeciakiewicz, Dagmara
Kozłowska, Beata
Walencik-Łata, Agata
Podstawczyńska, Agnieszka
Olszewski, Jerzy
Bartak, Jakub
Karpińska, Maria
Wołoszczuk, Katarzyna
Dohojda, Marek
Nowak, Jakub
Długosz-Lisiecka, Magdalena
Foerster, Elisabeth
Przylibski, Tadeusz A.
Keywords: Active and passive monitors; Polish Radon Centre; Profi ciency test; Radon
Issue Date: 2020
Citation: "Nukleonika" Vol. 65, iss. 2 (2020), s. 127- 132
Abstract: At the beginning of the year 2016, the representatives of the Polish Radon Centre decided to organize profi ciency tests (PTs) for measurements of radon gas and radon decay products in the air, involving radon monitors and laboratory passive techniques. The Silesian Centre for Environmental Radioactivity of the Central Mining Institute (GIG), Katowice, became responsible for the organization of the PT exercises. The main reason to choose that location was the radon chamber in GIG with a volume of 17 m3, the biggest one in Poland. Accordingly, 13 participants from Poland plus one participant from Germany expressed their interest. The participants were invited to inform the organizers about what types of monitors and methods they would like to check during the tests. On this basis, the GIG team prepared the proposal for the schedule of exercises, such as the required level(s) of radon concentrations, the number and periods of tests, proposed potential alpha energy concentration (PAEC) levels and also the overall period of PT. The PT activity was performed between 6th and 17th June 2016. After assessment of the results, the agreement between radon monitors and other measurement methods was confi rmed. In the case of PAEC monitors and methods of measurements, the results of PT exercises were consistent and confi rmed the accuracy of the calibration procedures used by the participants. The results of the PAEC PTs will be published elsewhere; in this paper, only the results of radon intercomparison are described.
DOI: 10.2478/nuka-2020-0020
ISSN: 1508-5791
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