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Tytuł: A uniform law of property for Europe - is it plausible?
Autor: Kalus, Stanisława
Słowa kluczowe: prawo własności; Europa
Data wydania: 2010
Źródło: Silesian Journal of Legal Studies, Vol. 2 (2010), s. 94-100
Abstrakt: As the process of European integration progresses, the need increases for the harmonisation of legal networks within which the economies of EU countries can flourish. It is generally accepted that all branches of law, particularly private law must be unified . To advance this aim, the EU issued directives and regulations to supplement the principles developed by the courts and international tribunals which strongly influence the legal systems of the EU countries. The first discussions on the future of EU private law date back to 1989. In that year the European Parliament adopted a resolution to start working on a European Civil Code (ECC) with the help of private law experts . In 1994 the Parliament adopted a revised version of the same resolution and commissioned a research project entitled “Discrimination based on the country of origin in private law of the EU countries, opportunities and the necessity of creating a European Civil Code”. The publication of this study inspired further research on the topic.
ISSN: 2080-1912
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