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Tytuł: The title covered by the exclusive right as the subject of the legal protection
Autor: Hołda-Wydrzyńska, Anna
Słowa kluczowe: Prawo własności przemysłowej; ochrona znaków towarowych
Data wydania: 2011
Źródło: Silesian Journal of Legal Studies, Vol. 3 (2011), s. 26-38
Abstrakt: Intellectual property is often defined as ”knowledge which may be transformed into value”. Nowadays, the importance of knowledge is steadily growing in the economic system. Today, not only material goods decide the value of enterprise, but also intellectual property which becomes more and more important. Thus, the management of intellectual property is particularly significant in the growing standard of enterprise. Consequently, in terms of the functioning of business entities it is crucial to register markers as trademarks. Granting the protective right as the exclusive law on trademarks gives possibility to use trademarks in an earning and professional way in the whole area of the Republic of Poland and consequently add many benefits to Polish traders. In this study the author quotes several judgements delivered under the Act of Trademarks of 31 January 1985 (Journal of Polish State Law 1985, No. 5, item 17), which, however, keeps the whole novelty under the currently obtained Act of Industrial Property Law [i.p.l.] of 30 June 2000 (Journal of Polish State Law 2001, No 49, item 508; consolidated act Journal of Polish State Law 2003, No. 119, item 1117). This study aims to present the protection of the title in the light of the Industrial Property Law.
ISSN: 2080-1912
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