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Tytuł: Open source software for the analysis of corneal deformation parameters on the images from the Corvis tonometer
Autor: Koprowski, Robert
Słowa kluczowe: Biomechanics; Cornea deformation; Cornea vibration; Corvis; Corvis ST; Eye; Image processing; Oculus OptikgerÄte GmbH; Scheimpflug camera; Tonometer; Wetzlar
Data wydania: 2015
Źródło: BioMedical Engineering OnLine, Vol. 14, iss. 1 (2015), art. no. 31
Abstrakt: Background: The software supplied with the Corvis tonometer (which is designed to measure intraocular pressure with the use of the air-puff method) is limited to providing basic numerical data. These data relate to the values of the measured intraocular pressure and, for example, applanation amplitudes. However, on the basis of a sequence of images obtained from the Corvis tonometer, it is possible to obtain much more information which is not available in its original software. This will be presented in this paper. Material and method: The proposed software has been tested on 1400 images from the Corvis tonometer. The number of analysed 2D images (with a resolution of 200×576 pixels) in a sequence is arbitrary. However, in typical cases there are 140 images. The proposed software has been written in Matlab (Version, R2010b). The methods of image analysis and processing and in particular edge detection and the fast Fourier transform have been applied. Results and discussion: The software allows for fully automatic (1) acquisition of 12 new parameters previously unavailable in the original software of the Corvis tonometer. It also enables off-line (2) manual and (3) automatic browsing of images in a sequence; 3D graph visualization of: (4) the corneal deformation and (5) eyeball response; 6) change of the colour palette; (7) filtration and (8) visualization of selected measured values on individual 2D images. In addition, the proposed software enables (9) to save the obtained results for further analysis and processing. Conclusions: The dedicated software described in this paper enables to obtain additional new features of corneal deformations during intraocular pressure measurement. The software can be applied in the diagnosis of corneal deformation vibrations, glaucoma diagnosis, evaluation of measurement repeatability and others. The software has no licensing restrictions and can be used both commercially and non-commercially without any limitations.
DOI: 10.1186/s12938-015-0027-3
ISSN: 1475-925X
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