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Title: Ziemia namysłowska w polityce książąt opolskich w 2. poł. XIV wieku
Other Titles: The Namysłów Region in the Politics of the Dukes of Opole in the Second Half of the 14th Century
Das Namenslauer Land in der Politik der Herzöge von Oppeln in der 2. Hälfte des 14. Jahrhunderts
Authors: Sperka, Jerzy
Keywords: Duchy of Namysłów; political history; the Dukes of Opole
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: "Średniowiecze Polskie i Powszechne", T. 9, 2017, s. 113-126
Abstract: The Namysłów region which comprised the Duchy of Namysłów shared its borders with the dominions of the Dukes of Opole. In the second half of the 14th century the Dukes of Opole made three attempts at annexing parts or the whole of the Namysłów region and conceded defeat each time. They were unable to maintain their control over Byczyna, Wołczyn and Kluczbork in 1366—1369, pledged to them by Bolko II the Small, who had in turn received them from King Casimir the Great of Poland. Following Bolko’s death, Louis of Brzeg conquered the towns and defeated Vladislaus and Bolko III of Opole at Kluczbork when they attempted to regain control over the territory. Moreover, sources indicate that in 1387, Vladislaus of Opole failed to secure the Namysłów region, which he had received from Wenceslaus IV of Bohemia. Ten years later, in 1397, his three nephews: Jan Kropidło, Bolko IV and Bernard also suffered defeat when they were pledged the Namysłów region by Wenceslaus IV of Bohemia. The dukes were unpopular with the townspeople, whom they continued to persecute as a revenge for the refusal to grant them entry to the town and whom they burdened with the costs of guarantee for the king. Thus, the Dukes of Opole were thwarted in their endeavors either by stronger opponents or the will of the king supported by the townspeople.
ISSN: 2080-492X
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