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Title: Charge symmetry breaking in dd -> He-4 [pi](0) with WASA-at-COSY
Authors: Adlarson, P.
Augustyniak, W.
Bardan, W.
Bashkanov, M.
Berłowski, M.
Bhatt, H.
Bondar, A.
Buscher, M.
Calen, H.
Ciepał, I.
Clement, H.
Wurm, P.
Yamamoto, A.
Yurev, L.
Zabierowski, J.
Zieliński, M.J.
Zink, A.
Złomańczuk, J.
Żuprański, P.
Żurek, M.
Coderre, D.
Czerwiński, C.
Demmich, K.
Doroshkevich, E.
Engels, R.
Erven, A.
Erven, W.
Eyrich, W.
Fedorets, P.
Fohl, K.
Fransson, K.
Goldenbaum, F.
Goslawski, P.
Goswami, A.
Grigoryev, K.
Gullstrom, C.O.
Hanhart, C.
Hauenstein, F.
Heijkenskjold, L.
Hejny, V.
Hoistad, B.
Husken, N.
Jarczyk, L.
Johansson, T.
Kamys, B.
Kemmerling, G.
Khan, F.A.
Khoukaz, A.
Kirillov, D.A.
Kistryn, S.
Kleines, H.
Kłos, Barbara
Krzemień, W.
Kulessa, P.
Kupść, A.
Kuzmin, A.
Lalwani, K.
Lersch, D.
Lorentz, B.
Magiera, A.
Maier, R.
Marciniewski, P.
Mariański, B.
Mikirtychiants, M.
Morsch, H.P.
Moskal, P.
Ohm, K.
Ozerianska, I.
del Rio, E.P.
Piskunov, N.M.
Podkopał, P.
Prasuhn, D.
Pricking, A.
Pszczel, D.
Pyszw, K.
Pyszniak, A.
Redmer, C.F.
Ritman, J.
Roy, A.
Rudy, Z.
Sawant, S.
Schadmand, S.
Sefzick, T.
Serdyuk, V.
Shwartz, B.
Siudak, R.
Skorodko, T.
Skurzok, M.
Smyrski, J.
Sopov, V.
Stassen, R.
Stepaniak, J.
Stephan, Elżbieta
Sterzenbach, G.
Stockhorst, H.
Stroher, H.
Szczurek, A.
Taschner, A.
Trzciński, A.
Varma, R.
Wolke, M.
Wrońska, A.
Wustner, P.
Keywords: Charge symmetry breaking; Deuteron-deuteron interactions; Pion production
Issue Date: 2014
Citation: Physics Letters B, Vol. 739, [December 12] (2014), s. 44-49
Abstract: Charge symmetry breaking (CSB) observables are a suitable experimental tool to examine effects induced by quark masses on the nuclear level. Previous high precision data from TRIUMF and IUCF are currently used to develop a consistent description of CSB within the framework of chiral perturbation theory. In this work the experimental studies on the reaction dd -> He-4 pi(0) have been extended towards higher excess energies in order to provide information on the contribution of p-waves in the final state. For this, an exclusive measurement has been carried out at a beam momentum of p(d) = 1.2GeV/c using the WASA-at-COSY facility. The total cross section amounts to sigma(tot) =(118 +/- 18(stat) +/- 13(sys) +/- 8(ext)) p band first data on the differential cross section are consistent with s-wave pion production.
DOI: 10.1016/j.physletb.2014.10.029
ISSN: 0370-2693
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