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Title: Ćwiczenia śródlekcyjne przy muzyce jako ważny element w kształceniu zintegrowanym
Authors: Trzcionka-Wieczorek, Anna
Keywords: early school education; mid-lesson intervals; music
Issue Date: 2017
Citation: Nauczyciel i Szkoła, T. 4, nr 64 (2017) s. 141-155
Abstract: Movement is a natural need for an early school child, and sitting at the desk for a long time is detrimental both to effective teaching-learning process and to children’s health. Therefore, teachers should remember about making short intervals during the lessons – mid-lesson exercises. One of the elements of such exercises may be music, which increases the attractiveness of learning intervals. Regular mid-lesson exercises prevent the negative effects of fatigue and are important in preventing or even correcting the abnormal posture of the body taken up by the pupils who sit at the desk for a long time.
ISSN: 1426-9899
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