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Tytuł: The use of MoStBioDat for rapid screening of molecular diversity
Autor: Bąk, Andrzej
Polański, Jarosław
Kurczyk, Agata
Słowa kluczowe: Combinatorial chemistry; Ligand; Macromolecule; MoStBioDat; Relational database; Virtual screening
Data wydania: 2009
Źródło: Molecules (Basel), vol. 14, iss. 9 (2009), s. 3436-3445
Abstrakt: MoStBioDat is a uniform data storage and extraction system with an extensive array of tools for structural similarity measures and pattern matching which is essential to facilitate the drug discovery process. Structure-based database screening has recently become a common and efficient technique in early stages of the drug development, shifting the emphasis from rational drug design into the probability domain of more or less random discovery. The virtual ligand screening (VLS), an approach based on high-throughput flexible docking, samples a virtually infinite molecular diversity of chemical libraries increasing the concentration of molecules with high binding affinity. The rapid process of subsequent examination of a large number of molecules in order to optimize the molecular diversity is an attractive alternative to the traditional methods of lead discovery. This paper presents the application of the MoStBioDat package not only as a data management platform but mainly in substructure searching. In particular, examples of the applications of MoStBioDat are discussed and analyzed
DOI: 10.3390/molecules14093436
ISSN: 1420-3049
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