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Title: Interfacial Polarization Phenomena in Compressed Nanowires of SbSI
Authors: Starczewska, Anna
Mistewicz, Krystian
Kozioł, Mateusz
Zubko, Maciej
Stróż, Danuta
Dec, Jan
Keywords: impedance spectroscopy; interface; nanowire; ferroelectric; phase transition
Issue Date: 2022
Citation: "Materials" 2022, iss. 4, art. no. 1543
Abstract: The systematic studies of the extrinsic Maxwell–Wagner–Sillars polarization process in compressed antimony sulfoiodide (SbSI) nanowires are carried out by dielectric spectroscopy. The dielectric response is studied in temperature (100 T 350) K and frequency (103 f 106) Hz ranges. Dielectric functions commonly used for the analysis of dielectric spectra related to intrinsic polarization processes were applied in the elaboration of experimental data. It was found that the respective “semi-circles” in the Cole–Cole-type plots display a characteristic pear-like shape for the ferroelectric phase. On the other hand, the data for the paraelectric phase form symmetrical arcs. This response is effectively parametrized using the experimental Cole–Davidson and Cole–Cole functions fitted to the data obtained for the ferroelectric and paraelectric phases, respectively. It is deduced that the particular shape of spectra in the ferroelectric phase is due to spontaneous polarization, which is responsible for an asymmetric broadening of relaxation functions related to the interfacial polarization.
DOI: 10.3390/ma15041543
ISSN: 1996-1944
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