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Title: "Uczestnictwo dzieci" - idea i jej znaczenie w przełamywaniu wykluczenia społecznego dzieci
Authors: Jarosz, Ewa
Keywords: children; children’s social exclusion; child participation; children’s citizenship
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Chowanna, 2012, t. 1, s. 179-191
Abstract: There are a lot of research, papers and books that undertake the problem of social exclusion touching various groups of people: women, disabled, ethnical, religious, poor or former prisoners. But there is a kind of gap, especially in polish social literature, a field of scientific reflection and social practice where few has been said, yet — children’s exclusion. In Polish conditions a convenience that “children and fish has no voice” is still strong and active, whereas all around the approach to children’s social status is named as an idea, a need and efforts to develop child participation, to build child citizenship. The paper presents the international instruments and tools of the idea od child participation and its development, the clue of contemporary idea of child participation, essential factors and strategies of promoting children’s social participation and creating children’s citizenship.
ISSN: 0137-706X
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