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Title: Wpływ parametrów pracy kolimatora wielolistkowego MLC na weryfikację dynamicznych planów leczenia w radioterapii
Authors: Baic, Błażej
Advisor: Kozłowska, Beata
Dybek, Marcin
Keywords: radioterapia; dozymetria; kolimator wielolistkowy; akcelerator liniowy
Issue Date: 2022
Publisher: Katowice : Uniwersytet Śląski
Abstract: The doctoral dissertation presents the impact of the parameters of the MLC Agility medical accelerator Elekta Versa HD on the verification of dynamic treatment plans in radiotherapy. This effect was checked clinically by performing validation measurements for 30 days, at two times of the day (morning and evening), and mechanically by performing MLC tests. The treatment plans were made in the VMAT technique using the MONACO treatment planning system for three locations: chest, head/ncck and pelvis. MLC quality control tests were performed for the IMRT SMLC and 1MR.T DMLC techniques, statically for 0° gantry angle and dynamically with full gantry rotation on the linear accelerator. Measurements of the effect of MLC offsets on the obtained dose values in selected MLC tests and treatment plans for all areas were also performed. Information on the impact of the time of day on the result of the verification of VMAT dynamic treatment plan has been obtained. As the research has shown, the differences resulting from the work of the MLC may have a significant impact on the dose absorbed in a patient during the treatment with the use of a linear accelerator. Thereafter, the evidence for the effects of different collimator leaf offset values on the MLC tests and on the verification results was confirmed. By using the obtained measurements, it was proposed to introduce periodic quality control tests of the MLC.
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