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Title: Prezentacja informacji o otaczającym świecie w czasopismach dla dzieci przedszkolnych
Authors: Budniak, Alina
Keywords: children’s magazines; information; knowledge presentation method; pre‑school education
Issue Date: 2012
Citation: Chowanna, 2012, t. 2, s. 145-158
Abstract: The information society requires constant searching, learning, understanding and using knowledge from various fields. The role of the family and educational institutions is to prepare children to learn and gain knowledge from different sources by developing their selection, comprehension and internalization skills. That is why, from a young age, children are exposed to varied messages about the world, appropriate to their psychophysical development. The article outlines the methods of presenting information used in magazines for pre‑school children and sets out to evaluate the possible use of those methods in kindergarten education.
ISSN: 0137-706X
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