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Title: "Mój skarb wewnętrzny dla mnie najcenniejszy" : wybór pism tatrzańskich
Authors: Goszczyński, Seweryn
Krysztofiak, Anna
Keywords: Seweryn Goszczyński; Tatry
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Katowice : Wydawnictwo Uniwersytetu Śląskiego
Abstract: Seweryn Goszczyński came across the Tatra Mountains when after the fall of the November uprising — Józef Tetmajer had him staying in Gallitia, it being a safe shelter for wanderers. Gorce, at the base of which Łopuszna was located, as well as trips to the Tatra Mountains fascinated the poet and inspired him many times. He wrote a diary, dreamt about an epic, introduced the Tatra motives into the ballad, and, finally, tried to make a living by means of the stories about the Tatra Mountains and their residents. Goszczyński untroduces Tatras and highlanders into the place so far reserved for other lands and people more distinguished in the history. The thought inspired by the Tatra Mountains in his texts centres around the issues of nation formation, the sense of bond with the homeland, a love dilemma and an obligation towards a land, dreams about a mythic hero and about a horoine soldier. He presents his opinions in works differing as to the literary genre, style and ideas. Multigenres and multitrends in works by one and the same author are typical of many Romantic poets. Poems appear next to a diary, ballad, epic and novel; an allegoric clasicism next to sentimental and romantic stylistics, realism next to misticism. The book „Mój skarb wewnętrzny, dla mnie najcenniejszy”. Poems and novels from the Tatra Mountains contains an intorduction and a selection of writings from Tatras by Seweryn Goszczyński, including those which have not been re‍‑ issued for almost a century, as, for example, Straszny Strzelec or Oda. It also involves a large fragment of Dziennik podróży do Tatrów (Part three: Wyprawa w głąb Tatrów). Straszny Strzelec was equipped with footnotes containing information on changes the text underwent as a result of the poet’s fear of the censorship whereas Dziennik podróży do Tatrów, based on the first edition, re‍‑ introduced a few paragraph long fragment of the work by Goszczyński skipped in the edition by Stanisław Sierotwiński published in the series of Biblioteka Narodowa. At the same time, the book was provided with numerous and sometimes large comments concerning the Tatra motives.
ISBN: 9788322617809
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