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Title: Influence of Thermal Treatment on Relaxor Properties of BaBi2Nb2O9 Ceramics
Authors: Adamczyk, Małgorzata
Pilch, Michał
Pawełczyk, Marian
Keywords: Ceramics; Thermal treatment; Ferroelcectric relaxor; BBN
Issue Date: 2015
Citation: Archives of Metallurgy and Materials, 2015, iss. 2, s. 545-550
Abstract: In the hereby paper the implications of thermal modification of BaBi2Nb2O9 ceramics in high vacuum (5×10-11 bar) at a temperature equal of 1173K are widely discussed. The mentioned modification caused changes in the ions concentration (confirmed by EDS and XPS analysis) and as a consequence an influence on the value of the unit cell parameters as well as on the dielectric and relaxor properties of described ceramics. The obtained results of EDS and XPS analysis of the sample before and after thermal treatment revealed bismuth ions diffusion to the surface of the sample (which was expected) and an almost complete the lack of barium ions on the modified surface. The comparison of EDS and XPS analysis results, suggested that they penetrated the interior of the sample and embedded into the crystal structure in place of bismuth. The hypothesis is in good agreement with the results of X-ray diffraction-the volume of the unit cell had an insignificant increase. The changes in the ions concentration influenced, also in a distinct manner, the dielectric and relaxor properties as well as on the shape of temperature characteristic of thermal stimulated depolarization current observed in BBN ceramics.
DOI: 10.1515/amm-2015-0012
ISSN: 1733-3490
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